Vega 255T

Comfort at all times


  • Directory and call log
  • Hand free
  • Answering machine
  • Redial button


The Vega 255T cordless phone will provide you with all the comfort you need. Combining design, modernity and reliability, it will be your best asset to call home in complete peace of mind. The Vega 255T is compatible with your internet boxDECT/GAP technology and even has a power saving mode.
The Vega 255T can operate within a radius of 50 meters (depending on wall thickness) or up to 300 meters in open field. For convenience, you can combine up to 5 handsets, allowing call transfer or conference mode within your home or office.


With the Vega 255T, you'll be able to talk over and over again (up to 7 hours on call) and its power-saving mode allows you to leave the phone away from its base within 100 hours. And if you have missed a call, the answering machine and operator voicemail (depending on your subscription) are available. Also, the BIS key will allow you to quickly call back one of the last 5 numbers dialed.
Finally, of course, the Vega 255T has an internal memory of 20 contacts, a call log of 10 numbers and hands-freesilencekeypad lock and alarm functions.

Technical sheet

Key Features
Up to 7H on call and 100H on standby
4x AAA NiMH, 300 mAh
Silence function, keypad lock, alarm
20 numbers (names + numbers)
Adjustable tunes volume (5 levels), adjustable listening volume and speaker (8 levels)
3 lines (1 line alphanumeric, 2 lines of icons), name and number display
Package Contents
2 handsets, 2 bases, 2 power adapters, 1 RJ11/11 cables, 4 batteries, 1 manual
2 years



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